I’ve got an Android Smartphone, is AMBINATOR available on Android?

We really do like Android, but developing on a further platform currently exceeds our capacity. So for the time being we haven’t planned any Android version. However we do not exclude it for the future.

How can I get the best sound with AMBINATOR?

Good headphones have the advantage of shutting the outside world off and offering a dramatic stereo image - so this is a good choice for using AMBINATOR. If you whish to connect AMBINATOR to a hifi or sound system, please always use a docking station whith its line-out to connected to a line-in/aux-in. Using your device’s headphone out to connect to a hifi will not provide good results. Airplay and Bluetooth… well, compare with the above solutions and decide for yourself.

I am Sound Designer/Field Recordist and would be interested in joining forces to create a great AMBINATOR Edition. What do you think?

Actually we like creating the content ourselves. However, if you have outstanding material which you think would nicely fit AMBINATOR, feel free to drop us a line using the contact form in the footer. Thanks.

Do you plan any new releases?

Yes we do, watch out for hints on the website and make sure to like our facebook page to get news about new AMBINATOR releases.

Can I do my ironing using AMBINATOR?

Well, no - sorry. We know there are Apps out there that do weird stuff, but we prefer sticking to sound :)


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