Mister E. truly is AMBINATOR’s brain. He takes care of the app coding and transforms sounds into the dynamic AMBINATOR experience.

His extensive experience with audio software makes sure AMBINATOR runs smooth.

Also he prefers pixels than spotlight…

Adrian Stoeger is the initial spark behind AMBINATOR, he takes care of recording, sound design and the website. Adrian worked in the music industry in Berlin until 2011.

You’ll recognize him by his cherished recording material that has to be carried everywhere - to the despair of some.

Adrian currently lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Here’s a few links to friends and people who contributed to AMBINATOR:

Stuart Regan - narwhaleio.info

Cornel Hillmann - emerging-entertainment.com

Martin Backes - aconica.de

Meta House - German Cultural Center Phnom Penh - meta-house.com

Jens-Uwe Dyffort & Roswitha von den Driesch - dyffort-driesch.de

Flowtography Berlin - flowtographyberlin.de

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Brian Smith is co-founder of AMBINATOR, and has contributed significantly to the interface concept and sound design.

He began his sound design explorations by splicing fragmented tapes of modular analog synthesizers into complex four-track collages in the early 1980s.

Brian lives in Berlin, Germany. He creates dysmorphic soundscapes made from field recordings mixed with synthesized/processed sounds and teaches music production, programming, synthesis, and sampling techniques at bigbrainaudio.com.